Shore Blogging

Since I have a great time digging for history around the shore, I’ve set up a number of blogs that allow me to share some of the material I’m working on around the Peninsula.  This page will help readers navigate around the history related blogs I’ve set up.  Also below a listing of my blogs, you will find research links that I have found interesting and helpful.

  • Mike’s History Blog — I reflect on my work as a historian, on this weblog.
  • Reflections on Delmarva’s Past — On this weblog you will find articles on the history of the Peninsula,  both old and modern, and the personal stories of its people, first and secondhand. Installments may include pieces on folkways, places, events, the built environment, people and about any aspect of our past that catches my attention.issues.
  • Old Delmarva Photos Weblog – If you’re Interested in old photos from around the Delmarva Peninsula, check out this site.  We’ll try to post fascinating old picture each week on this photo blog.
  • Singerly Fire Company Museum Blog — This is a public history project I am working on with a fire department museum.  The blog focuses on the history and traditions of the public safety agency.

Research Links

GenDiaster – A web site listing diasters from the past.


5 responses to “Shore Blogging

  1. I am researching my mother’s family. They lived in Cecil County in Elkton. My mother’s cousin married Edgar Startt. I have an old photo of him as sherrif of Elkton in 1956. Can anyone give me more info on him? Thank you.

  2. I know Edgar Startt’s nephew, Al Startt who lives in Elkton. His health isn’t good now but his daughter, Adelaide will help you with information. Hope this will help, Carol Hash

  3. Thanks Carol. I’ll give him a call.

  4. Gerry L Humphrey

    Searching for Jeff Ile, who married Pearl Ewing. Lived in Cecil County back in the 20’s. Thanks.

  5. Gary, I’ll keep an eye out of anything I might run across.

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