Cecil County History


Cecil County History

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On a daily basis, social media networks distribute a hefty volume of content, creating a public square that is jammed with posts.  This crowded universe suggests that additional approaches are needed to help readers quickly find subjects of interest and we’ve been contemplating the best approach to this opportunity.

After experimenting with alternatives we’ve decided that the best strategy is to create a a Facebook channel focused on Cecil County history.  On this new public space original and curated content concentrating on the Cecil County story will be shared, making information findable while also facilitating Cecil County’s heritage conversation.

As we do with Delmarva History, our Cecil County page will share created and curated content about the past at the head of the Chesapeake Bay.  It is our goal to have the page serve as a public history commons, a place to share and discuss stories and rich media posts related to Cecil County’s heritage.  Like this page to keep up with narratives about Cecil’s past from many source on Facebook.

Also be sure to check out our Delmarva History newsfeed where you will find shared posts from all around the Peninsula, while the Cecil page will focus on the local narrative.


5 responses to “Cecil County History

  1. Hi Mike, I was wondering if you could help me. I know you have access to old cecil whig papers. But back in August 1979 the cecilton national bank was robbed by the guy who used to own the fish market in north east. He was in his 80s or something at that time. I was a deputy with the sheriffs office then and I caught him in warwick after a short chase. I have been trying to find that article for some time so I could show my grand children. I hope you could help me. If you are able, I will give you my home address and maybe you could mail it to me. I hope you can.
    Thank you Charlie Roach

    • Charlie I think I can find that for you next week. Is that the one where Harry Lihtner (not sure about spelling) the used car dealer and special deputy started chasing him until the patrols got down that way? I’ll look into it for you.

  2. Really enjoy your historic post. Miss not being in class. Have a great holiday

  3. Thanks Mike

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