Sharing Cecil County’s Past

Delmarva History on Facebook

If you enjoy Cecil County’s history check out our Facebook page, a virtual home where we share photos, stories, and conversations about the area’s heritage. As you browse the timeline you will find rich media, pictures, new and old, short articles, news about local heritage events, and links to curated content produced by others.

In particular, in this age when images are an important part of the message, we share lots of eye-catching modern photos, visually presenting the cultural landscape that is all around us every day as we travel around the area. Those old homes and buildings, appealing landscapes, weather-worn tombstones, forgotten railroad tracks, gently flowing creeks, or crumbling walls in the woods are all survivors of the passage of centuries and provide great opportunities for pictures.

In addition, this platform allows for conversations about matters and the sharing of knowledge in a conversational sort of way.  It also is a place to find out about cultural events happening here from the full range of heritage institutions in our area.

You do not have to have an account to access it as it is an open page. But if you are a Facebook user you are able to like the page, which keeps you up-to-date when posts are made as they occur frequently.

The digital world breaks down walls, broadening the flow of information and the reach of heritage materials and we are pleased to be able to use Facebook as a way to share our appreciation of these things. Too, many fine institutions, informal group, and individuals around Cecil are doing similar things, sharing their appreciation of the past with a broader audience and the Facebook history community.  Often you will see links to other sites  you may find of interest.

Facebook really is about sharing and it provides a great opportunity to spread the word or pictures for that matter.

Times gone by:  Autumn in St. Mary Anne's Episcopal Church Cemetery in North East

Times gone by: Autumn in St. Mary Anne’s Episcopal Church Cemetery in North East

Click here to see the full album of St. Mary Anne’s Photos from on a Wednesday in November 2014.


2 responses to “Sharing Cecil County’s Past

  1. The Pictures from St. Mary Annes are Great….Thank you again.

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