In the spirit of ’76 – Doodling in the police blotter as Nation Turns 200-Years-Old

hscc 105aaaLots of people remember the day America turned 200 years old,   July 4, 1976. There were all sorts of special parades, concerts, fireworks, and programs in communities across the nation. It was a big deal in Cecil too, with plenty of Bicentennial celebrations on the long holiday weekend for the once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Working that July 4th, Elkton Police Officers carefully chronicled the passing of Independence Day in the department’s official blotter.  Officers Strickland, Smith, Blake, Pease, and George kept a careful watch on the county seat, during a 24-hour tour, coming and going off 8-hour shifts as people enjoyed the festivities.

Considering how big the celebrations and parties were, it was a remarkably quiet holiday in Elkton.   There were a few fireworks calls and a couple of burglar alarms, but only one domestic disturbance and one disorderly subject marred the festive occasion.

Given the slow day, someone had time to do a little doodling in this public record, the Elkton Police Blotter. The pages, which all except this one lack color and sketches, was doodled on, as an officer getting into the spirit of things wrote “Happy Birthday America,” and decorated the page with colorful art work and lettering.

So just as our little colonial doodler in an early age, sketched on a county tax schedule, someone did the same in 1976 on this public record.

hscc 105aa

The Elkton Police Blotter, July 4, 1976


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