Video From This Afternoon’s Bootlegger’s Ball

To drink or not to drink was the question at this month’s program at the Historical Society of Cecil County as the organization examined the days of temperance, prohibition, speakeasies, bootleggers and Bathtub gin. Afterwards everyone was invited to a secret rendezvous at the Bootlegger’s Ball, over at the North Street Hotel. There the guests toasted the repeal of prohibition and socialized after the talk. To help the “drys,” those temperance and teetotaler types, catch the spirit there was temperance run, a nonalcoholic beverage that even the saloon smasher, Carrie Nation, would approve of. So it was bottoms up for everyone as we remembered the “noble experiment.”

Here’s a brief YouTube video of scenes from the Bootlegger’s Ball.


5 responses to “Video From This Afternoon’s Bootlegger’s Ball

  1. Interesting little talk today. Given the subject matter, it be rather interesting if pursued farther, especially because of Maryland take on Prohibition.

  2. Jo Ann Gardner


    • Thanks Jo Ann. The team — Bathtub Beth, Gin-Joint Jo Ann, Machine Gun Debbie, the Flapper Girls, Rumrunner Churnside, and the others produced a fine party. I think it’s the best repeal party, toasting goodbye to prohibition Cecil’s ever seen, even if was generations later. The food, refreshments, and temperance rum were superb. Although now I remember. I didn’t get time to sample the temperance rum. Phil over behind the bar kept dispensing that craft beer, Fat Tire. But the food was great. Thank you.

  3. Thanks Mike!
    Bathtub Beth

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