Conveyances, Metes & Bounds, Deeds, Mortgages and Much More Discussed at Old House Research Workshop

calvert 101aaThirty people interested in researching old houses and land records stopped by the Historical Society of Cecil County this afternoon to hear Wendy Webb and Darlene McCall carefully explain how to dig into such things.

The two professional title searchers shared their special skills and insights related to combing through deeds, mortgages, tax records, real estate documents, wills, and other public records.  Conveyances, metes and bounds in deeds, and all the things that are crucial to understanding and documenting a property were things they touched on.

Taking a team approach, Wendy demonstrated how to navigate Maryland’s online property resource such as those provided for assessments and taxations and the land records.  Darlene did a case study on an old Elkton property, which she research and documented.  The audience had lots of questions for the two professionals.

Thank you Wendy and Darlene for an excellent workshop and for sharing your professional insights. 

Darlene McCall examines the Martinent's Map of Cecil County

Darlene McCall examines the Martinent’s Map of Cecil County


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