On a Long Ago Snow Patrol, Collaring the Snowman

elkton police669sWhenever there is a major snowstorm, Cecil County police officers, paramedics, firefighters and other public safety professionals face a significantly increased workload as they patrol and respond to 911 dispatches in snowy, wind-blown conditions.  But whatever Mother Nature hands them, these men and women are always geared up and ready to go.  This evening is no exception and as a major wintry blast rumbles through they are out working in the elements this frigid January night, keeping the public safe.  An online photo share of an Elkton patrol car on the evening watch this Tuesday reminded us of the fine work these agencies do in all sorts of weather.

Here is an old photo from an earlier snow patrol.  Of course, it wasn’t a major snowstorm.  But on a Sunday afternoon long ago (mid-1970s) at the end of the day watch, the Elkton Police Department has corralled their suspect, the snowman.  Officers Jeff MacKenzie and Ralph Newton were preparing to hand things over to the two officers on the evening patrol, and a little light snow gave them a chance for a brief moment of relaxation as they gathered up their notebooks and other materials.

elkton police667s

The Elkton Police Department’s Jeff MacKenzie (left) and Ralph Newton collar the snowman in the mid-1970s. photo source: private collection.

elkton police666a

Officer Newton has this suspect in hand.


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