Archeological Society of the Northern Chesapeake Sponsors Kilby Talk on Fair Hill on Jan. 8th.

Date: Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Time: Open for refreshments at 6:30. Speaker program begins at 7:00 pm.

Location: Havre de Grace City Hall, corner of Juniata St. and Pennington Ave. Program: “Locating Historic House Sites within the Boundaries of the Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area of Cecil County.” by Emily Kilby.

Abstract/Preview: In this presentation, Miss Kilby will present the results of her investigation into the historic ruins to be seen on and around the Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area. Miss Kilby says, “One of the earliest settled areas in Maryland, a good portion of Cecil County’s Fourth District was part of 7,000 acres of property purchased by William du Pont between 1925 and 1965 to create a cattle breeding and fox hunting estate. Whether by intent or accident, he had reassembled most of New Munster, a land grant made by Lord Baltimore to Edwin O’ Dwire and others in 1683.”

Join us to hear and learn how Miss Kilby’s “…casual curiosity about…a springhouse  sitting in the middle of a wooded lot initiated a project that led bit by bit,…to reconstructing the documented history of this forgotten community that thrived for over two centuries.”


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