Centuries Old Houses Wait on Winter at the top of the Elk River

hollingsworth 118aa

Historical marker in the center of Elkton.

Although we are still waiting for autumn to officially end in Elkton it seems as if Old Man Winter has sailed in for an early visit, getting in some practice with a few good blasts of ice and snow.  For the third time in a week, frozen precipitation fell this afternoon.

Most people were out getting ready for Christmas on this damp, frigid Saturday.  But I decided to check out a quiet spots in the old colonial town to see if the early arrival of the season enhanced the view at a historic place.  At Elk Landing, where the Big and Little Elk creeks meet the river, the ground was snow-covered and the scene was tranquil.  These centuries old homes have survived blizzards, howling winds, ice storms, and the blasts of frigid temperatures for centuries.  On the snow-covered ground, the relics of an earlier era presented an attractive scene as autumn draws to a close.

hollingsworth 023aa

The stone house at Elk Landing on a late autumn Saturday.

hollingsworth 035aa

The Hollingsworth House

hollingsworth 059a

Elk Landing, a old colonial road.


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