Flowers, Notes and Wreaths Placed at Crash Site

In memory of Pan Am Flight 214

In memory of Pan Am Flight 214

A surprise late autumn snow storm disrupted parts of Sunday’s Remembrance Program.  But since over 100 family members made it to the fire station the occasion continued, although the commemorative tribute at Delancy Road was cancelled.

Earlier this week, committee volunteers took the flowers, wreaths, and notes out to the crash site for the families unable to visit the memorial monument.  The fresh flowers, roses, and evergreens stood out nicely on the small snow-covered strip of frozen land.

Many community and family members were unable to make the trip to the program due to the road conditions.  Families trying to get across the Delaware Memorial Bridge phoned to say it was closed and similar reports came in about conditions elsewhere.

One of our objectives was to create a Flight 214 Archives so we taped many of the activities.  As we were anticipating an additional 50 family members and a large community turnout we will share portions of the recordings online, but it is going to take a few weeks to process the material.

flight 214 003a

flight 214 032a


8 responses to “Flowers, Notes and Wreaths Placed at Crash Site

  1. It was much needed closure for everyone involved
    Wish my 92 yr old mother could have been there. She thinks about her sister, joyce Gilbert and brotherinlaw bob daily.

    • Ellen, we are still working on some digital products. Kyle shot digital video of the Remembrance Program at the fire station and we’ll see if we can stream some parts of that for those unable to make the trip. The program was something over an hour, so we will probably need to shorten it a little for streaming, but we’ll get a note up when we get it done. We are still catching up with things on this end so it might take a week or two.

  2. Ellen, it was wonderful to finally meet you. Send your mom our love.
    Mike, is there a PowerPoint? I received a link from a family member, but it was not there…
    -Irene Gilbert

    • Irene an original post went out a day or two earlier and we were having some computer trouble on our end, but you should be able to access it now. Everything seems to be working fine.

  3. I’m glad they brought our notes to the site with the Roses!

    • Matt, the flowers, notes and wreathes stood out nicely against the white snow covered strip of land once we got everything out there. If you ever need anything down this way, let us know.

  4. To All: Soon after the holidays we will get a Dropbox account set-up for family members to access the photos and the recording of the Remembrance Program for anyone wanting whatever materials we developed over the weekend. I’m sure Jake, Dara, and Jane, the reporters/editors, from the Cecil Whig will share their material too. We will get an email out to the family members with the address once we have it ready.

  5. Patricia J Hefele

    Dear Mike. My parents, Charles & Virginia Hefele were on the plane. I was unable to attend the Remembrance due to bad weather. Other members of my family were in attendance and said it beautiful. So I just want to thank you and all the wonderful people who organized the event. I think of my parents every single day. Thank you so much.

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