History on Demand: New Audio Tour Gives Modern Access to Port Deposit History

rowlandsville 074a

The old Rock Run Mill in Port Deposit.

The Port Deposit Chamber of Commerce has entered the high-tech heritage tourism world by piloting a new product, becoming the first Cecil County destination spot to offer walking tours delivered over a wireless network.  Strolling throughout the historic town nestled between granite cliffs and the east bank of the Susquehanna River, the past comes alive for curious types, tourists, and residents as the present meets the past.  While ambling along a street with fine buildings from an earlier time, visitors dial in on a cellphone to hear engaging and informative narrations.

The buildings in this river town have always seemed as if they were just waiting to tell lively stories of the past and that was done traditionally with a walking tour pamphlet.  Now the earlier eras speak to the passerby.

Port is an ideal town for an afternoon walking tour on a beautiful autumn day (or anytime really) similar to this one.  So be sure to visit soon, but don’t forget to bring along your digital devise.  The recorded messages, all brief (less than two minutes), describe events from the past and the points of interest.

The phone number is 585-546-1776.   There are eleven stops and callers select what they want to listen to by dialing the stop number on the keypad.  Small signs posted around town alert visitors to the locations.

Thank you Port Deposit Chamber for helping make Cecil County history more broadly accessible on an audio that gives everyone a chance to hear a lively and engaging personal tour of major historic spots and events around a town that has so much history waiting to be shared.  This pilot product was developed earlier this year in order to help the Chamber learn about navigating the process of working with these emerging products and it will enable them to enhance the tour over time.

port deposit 009aa

In the center of Port Deposit.


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