Sprecher Shared Elkton’s 1960s Story in an Engaging Talk

Milford Sprecher shares Elkton's Story, a talk about the 1960s in the county seat.

Milford Sprecher sharing Elkton’s story.

Yesterday afternoon, Milford Sprecher kicked off the Historical Society of Cecil County’s popular 2013-14 speakers series with an engaging, photo-illustrated talk, “Elkton in the 1960s.”  On the pleasant Saturday, he vividly captured the spirit of those years locally, providing views and perspective of someone who came of age in the county seat during a pivotal era.

It was a period of change in the nation and in Cecil County.  The opening of I-95, integration, urban renewal, a changing central business district, the Vietnam War, and tragedy all affected Elkton, and Milford talked about those matters.  Also, on the enjoyable track through some 50 years to this special place, his thoughts drifted back to fond memories acquired long ago, when Elkton was a much different place.  The speaker kept things rolling along, but laughter periodically interrupted the presentation as he recounted humorous incidents from the past.  After it was over, people eagerly clustered around the speaker to converse and share additional stories.

This was part of the Society’s annual speaker’s series.    During the cooler months, the Society hosts a series of popular talks on topics ranging from practical research methods to fresh lectures that have broad appeal.  All lectures are designed to be informative and enjoyable while concentrating on new, broadly engaging topics or applied sessions to help with research.

Click here for additional information upcoming events from the speakers series,  The free programs take place on the first Saturday of each month at 2:00 p.m. at Cecil County’s History and Genealogy Library at 135 E. Main Street in Elkton.

elkton aug 20 53 theatre north sts

North Street, Elkton, 1953 Source: Robinson Collection, the Historical Society of Cecil County


2 responses to “Sprecher Shared Elkton’s 1960s Story in an Engaging Talk

  1. Wish I could have heard the program. I worked at the Elk Theater in early 1960’s as the candy counter sales person (and stocker and cleaner). My Grandfather, Charles (Charlie) Gatchell managed the theater for Mr. Connelly for a number of years in the same period.

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