New Exhibit and Programs Recall Cecil County in the 1960s

Now that the 1960s are history and not just nostalgia the Historical Society of Cecil County is opening an exhibit this fall that studies and celebrates the happenings of that era locally.  It was a time that brought many transformations to this corner of northeastern Maryland and our curator, Lisa Dolor, and a talented group of volunteers are capturing those intriguing times in gallery displays.

The museum staff has been busy pouring over some 40,000 local photographs, hundreds of objects from the decade, and the history books for a couple of months, planning the attractive interpretive panels.  While this group of volunteers works on the creative, visual aspect for our special 1960s series, others are putting together lectures and articles focusing on the county during those ten years, a time when everything changed.

Look for a detailed update shortly.

Curator LIsa Dolor is busy designing an exhibit an autumn exhibit that examines Cecil County in the 1960s.  It appears she has a little help on this afternoon as Elvis has stopped by.

Curator Lisa Dolor is designing another exhibit for the Society.  The autumn opening examines Cecil County in the 1960s and it appears she has a little help on this Sept. afternoon. Elvis has stopped by to check out plans for the interpretation of the 1960s in Cecil County.


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