Volunteers Hard at Work in the Cecil County History and Genealogy Library This Weekend Waiting on Patrons & Preparing Talk About Elkton in 1960s

All across the area people have been out and about enjoying the extended Independence Day Holiday.  But right on schedule, Historical Society volunteers reported for duty, opening the Cecil County History and Genealogy Library for those digging back through layers of time.  Hard at work, fielding whatever came their way on this hot, sweltering first Saturday in July, were three regular staffers, Darlene McCall, Beth Boulden-Moore, and Stephen Podolak.  They poured over old newspapers seeking to resolve some historical questions, digitized 1930s copies of Elkton High School newspapers, and generally took care of operations.

Meanwhile Milford Sprecher took time out from part of his extended Fourth of July holiday to work on a talk he is preparing for the upcoming speakers series.  He will discuss 1960s Elkton as he remembers it and was organizing materials for the presentation.  As we move through the second decade of the 21st century, those recollections of the county seat a half-a-century ago, a period that saw many significant changes, will take us on tracks through time back to a special place as we hear about enduring memories that were acquired so long ago.  Look for details on the winter speakers’ series shortly.

Thank you Darlene, Beth, Stephen and Milford for going on the clock to help those seeking to understand Cecil heritage.

cherry hill 008s

—Milford Sprecher will share stories about 1960s Elkton. This will be a popular talk as we journey back about a-half-a-century to hear enduring memories about a special place and time.


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