Spring Time at the Lower Susquehanna Ferry & Rodgers Tavern

The Rodgers Tavern presents an attractive appearance in early May.  This old place, standing on the east bank of the Susquehanna River, has welcomed travelers for centuries.

When it was first built-in the mid-18th century, the two-story stone building welcomed passersby as a ferry house and tavern.  For those crossing the river, it provided a place to lodge and partake of food and drink.  It continued operating as a tavern on the Post Road into the 19th century, but as bridges and railroads replaced ferries and carriages, the once popular Lower Susquehanna Ferry lost its importance.

In the second half of the 20th century, the Society for the Preservation of Maryland Antiquities stepped forward to save and preserve the relic, a survivor from the colonial era.  Today it is owned by the Town of Perryville, but the attractive structure still draws the attention of the passersby.  However, it is still in the spotlight, but not it is as a valuable cultural heritage resource, reflecting earlier times.

charlestown 303a

Lower Susquehanna Ferry on the Old Post Road in Perryville.

It's spring again at Rodgers Tavern.

It’s spring again at Rodgers Tavern.

fenwick island 192a

An early spring evening at the Lower Susquehanna Ferry.


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