Sold Out War of 1812 Walking Tour Returns to Charlestown in May

These time travelers share a little history drama from the War of 1812

These time travelers share a little history drama from the War of 1812

As the region celebrates the 200th anniversary of the British attack on the Upper Chesapeake during the War of 1812 some old-timers that have been around for centuries are going to roam around Charlestown, once again.  While they meander streets and gather in small clusters in the beautiful river town, these centuries’ old residents will share stories about what it was like to face the all too real threat of pillaging, burning and looting by the English right here in Cecil County.

This special bicentennial event, “Footsteps from the Past” walking tour, opened last year to a sold out crowd.   So be sure to get your tickets early for this popular activity that will find history enthusiasts ambling through the streets of Charlestown, along attractive pathways of the well-preserved historic district on the shore of the North East River.

Dr. Robert Gell, the President of the Commissioners of Charlestown, portrays an old-timer from an earlier time remembering the first time the enemy was in our rivers. Now they are back during the War of 1812.

The audience will pause at selected spots to hear first-hand, dramatic stories about the time the second war with Britain came to Elkton, Frenchtown, Fredericktown, Principio and Charlestown.  In between stops, the broader historical narrative about troubling times on the Chesapeake and in the county will be shared.  Once dusk descends on the charming community, lanterns are going to help chase away the lengthening shadows as the group heads back to its starting point, the Wellwood Club.

This year’s event in Colonial Charlestown steps off at 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. on May 5, 2013.  But after last year’s event that attracted 125 people, event organizers have scaled things back a little in order to provide better viewing and listening during performances.  Each walk is limited to 50 strollers and the cost is $10 in advance through the Wellwood Club or $12 at the door.  The proceeds benefit the Historical Society and Colonial Charlestown.  Generous support of these local nonprofit heritage groups is provided by the Wellwood Club, the President and Commissioners of Charlestown, Cecil County Tourism, and the Heritage Troupe.

charlestown 204

Colonial Charlestown


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