A Snowy Spring Monday in Cecil County

On this snowy, Monday in early spring, large, gentle flakes have been falling to the ground for most of the day.  As this relic of winter accumulated a few inches on grassy surfaces but not on the roads, the day provided a perfect opportunity to snap some photos of historic Cecil County sites covered probably one last time with a white blanket that reminds us of the past frigid season.  Of course, we are still waiting for that tentative nudge from spring.

These images are places that have seen winters come and go for centuries, though this year passed by without having too many days when we suffered from some light frozen coatings.  There are the old covered bridges which have weathered blizzards, hurricanes, wind-storms, and floods, while providing a dry passage over creeks for the horse and buggy and stroller.  There is also the old Quaker Meeting House and a house in the woods.

In a county that has many extant cultural resources in the 21st century, we also have the beauty of the natural environment. On this chilly afternoon in late March, the Big Elk Creek flowed gently southward on its way to meet the waters of the Elk River.

The Big Elk Creek at Fair Hill State Park

The Big Elk Creek at Fair Hill State Park

covered bridge 136a

Foxcatcher Farm Covered Bridge at Fair Hill State Park, a Maryland Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

covered bridge 250a

Brick Meeting House in present day Calvert.

covered bridge 375

An old house in the woods at Gilpin Falls

covered bridge 313a

Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge


6 responses to “A Snowy Spring Monday in Cecil County

  1. Now why would anyone think those photos are special to me. Looks great, Mike. Thanks for making them available to view.

  2. Thanks ,Mike ! These are nice. It is good to see one’s own surroundings bedecked in white !

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