Cecil County Genealogists Can Aid Family History Research Even If You Trail Takes You Far Beyond the County

Cecil County genealogist Darlene McCall helps Doris Farrow search for ancestors.

If you are working on a genealogy project, the Historical Society of Cecil County has a great group of highly skilled family history detectives.  These volunteers have been at it for decades so they are skilled at plowing through long-forgotten documents, searching through old courthouse volumes, and tromping through cemeteries.

But that isn’t all.  They are just as thoroughly at home doing research on the World Wide Web, which makes the work faster, easier, and more universal these days.  It used to be that you had to travel a distance to dive into remote data, if your trail took you somewhere beyond Cecil County.  But not anymore.  The computer has changed that so, with the assistance of a subject matter expert, you can sit comfortable from a local computer terminal to dig into the past.

Thus if you would like someone to help you crack a tough problem or simply get started navigating through the maze of records, virtual or otherwise, this crew of detectives eagerly looks forward to helping.  It doesn’t matter if you are just learning or trying to knock down that brick wall, they enjoy the challenge of cracking a good case.

Virtual research will never completely replace digging through tattered records or walking past toppled tombstones in the cemetery, but these electronic resources help make many additional connections.  Locally, there is a steady flow of patrons whom our volunteers work with as they use traditional and the latest 21st century tools to reconstruct the past.

The explosion of materials on the Net is accelerating, which can make it confusing.  Just during the past year, thousands of genealogical sites, ranging from personal family history pages to solid genealogical databases, have been created.  Add this to the untold volumes of pages from earlier years, and one has a massive array of valuable resources and contacts.

Since the data array is so voluminous and dynamic, a volunteer subject matter expert comes in handy.  And that is what makes the Society the best place to start locally, whether you are searching for family roots right here in Cecil County or somewhere else.  The Society’s deep archives of local history materials is supported by digital age resources.  No matter what ancestral connection you are searching for, there is a great chance Society volunteers will be able to help, as the Net provides material from every county and every state and much more.

Remember, the Internet is just a jumping-off point.  It is always nice to have a patient helpful person to guide you through the process and help you learn your way through the intricacies of fact-finding and the deep research databases of the Internet.  And that is where our volunteers really shine and come in handy.  This skilled group is excited to sit down with patrons, one-on-one and give them a great deal of time, helping dig into the records and understand the material they are coming up with.

Stop in visit or check out the homepage at www.cecilhistory.org for additional information.


4 responses to “Cecil County Genealogists Can Aid Family History Research Even If You Trail Takes You Far Beyond the County

  1. charlie roach

    Hi Mike, I have a question that may be strange. But I
    was wondering if you knew where Jack DeWitt is buried. I
    thought it may have been in Elkton, but I wasn’t sure. I
    was speaking with someone the other day and that came
    up. I am not sure if his wife has passed and if they are
    at the same place. I knew his home was close to North East, however after he sperated from his wife, I knew he
    moved to Elkton. I hope to hear from you.

  2. Thank you Mike, also I would like to set a day when
    I can bring a key from the old jail cells to you. I would
    like to place it in your collection. I am sure Jack would
    like for you to have it.

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