Dr. Langley to Discuss War of 1812 Maritime Archaeology at Society on April 13.


Dr. Langley, the State Underwater Archaeologist

Elkton, Jan. 16, 2012 — Star-Spangled Archaeology:  Commemorating the War of 1812 Through Maritime Archaeology, a recently added lecture, will wrap up the inaugural year of the Society’s Winter Speakers Series.  Taking place on Saturday, April 13th at 2:00, the speaker, State Underwater Archaeologist Susan Langley, is sponsored by the Maryland Humanities Council and the Maryland War of 1812 Commission.  

The waters of the Chesapeake conceal many hidden treasures, and Dr. Langley will help us dive into the subject of those submerged cultural resources.  She describes the fascinating process of researching and excavating these artifacts while investigating the sites of maritime battles.  Over the years, her staff has worked on the Elk River a few times, exploring sunken War of 1812 mysteries.  During one investigation in 1999, the researchers found a ship wreck site at the scene of a Cecil County skirmish at Frenchtown.

frenchtown archeology elk river928

During the 1999 study, the Historical Society worked with the asst. state underwater archeaologist Steve Bilikci as he and two graduate students studied the Elk River. Cecil Whig – 1999.


5 responses to “Dr. Langley to Discuss War of 1812 Maritime Archaeology at Society on April 13.

  1. What kinds of artifacts are they finding from this site? I’m curious because I found many yeara ago what appears to be an old cannonball and a stone ax head….Not sure about what I call a cannonball but it must weigh about 3 pounds or so. Just thought you might be interested…..Bill sickles: sickles@iximd.com

    • Bill, the dive down at Frenchtown located the remains of two ships they believe that went down just prior to or during the attack. They also found some smaller artifacts, such as buttons and pottery. It was a fascinating dive and the sonar revealed the shape of the ships. Were did you find the Cannonball? I’m always amazed how often those old cannonballs turn up around here. Thanks Bill.

  2. Where will the talk be held?

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