Holiday Open House at 18th Century Perry Point Mansion Continues Saturday Evening

delaware 051Perry Point, Dec., 14, 2012 — The old 18th century mansion-house at Perry Point was aglow with holiday spirit Friday evening.  Located on the attractive, waterfront Veterans Administration campus. the hospital was hosting a holiday open house.

Drawing visitors in from the December darkness, flickering light from the luminaries showed the pathway to the grand front entrance.  As guests approached the entranceway, they were greeted by a period attired guide, and once inside people learned about the unique story of Perry Point and the centuries old property.  Live Christmas music filled the chambers, while over in one room, Dan Coates, the President of the Archaeological Society of the Chesapeake talked about the Civil War era on the little Peninsula.  During that conflict, the Federal Government used the spacious grounds as a camp and soldiers occupied the house.  While touring the finely decorated home light refreshments were served.

It was built about 1750, according to the Veterans Administration.  “During the Civil War, the United States Government took over Perry Point for the first time, using it as a training station for cavalry mules. The officers in charge of the project used the Mansion House for their headquarters, sharing it for a time with the Stump family. When the situation became too strained for comfort, John Stump II moved his family to Harford County to live with his sister. Upon their return, they found the Mansion House badly abused and the farm sadly neglected.”

If you missed the event Friday evening, it’s open again tonight (Dec. 15th, 2012), as the holiday opening continues from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. 

delaware 042


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