On 250th Anniversary of Start of Mason Dixon Line, Talk Examines the Story of the Famous Boundary

A boundary marker for Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Lots of people around Cecil County have heard about the Mason Dixon Line, but few know much about its history.  So as 2013 marks the 250th anniversary of the start of one of America’s most famous boundaries, the Historical Society will present a slide-illustrated talk examining this topic.To settle royal lands grants for the proprietors of Maryland and Pennsylvania, two skilled English surveyors started measuring out the boundaries that had involved bitter quarreling and bloodshed.  Four years later, the survey was done, but the story of the line was far from over as popular culture had it take on far different symbolism in the 19th century.

This program explores the story of the line, which runs through our land and our history, along with the perceptions that have developed around the boundary.  Presented by historian Mike Dixon, this lively talk focuses on the history of the line throughout the centuries.  It includes many dramatic, largely untold stories about these times.

This program is part of the Society’s winter speakers series.  Each winter the Society bring fresh, new programs and applied, how-to lectures to Cecil County.

TIME:                   January 5, 2013 at 2:00 p.m.

LOCATION:         Historical Society of Cecil County, 135 E. Main Street., Elkton, MD

COST:                   Free

The Old Post Road (Baltimore PIke) at the Mason Dixon LIne between Elkton and Iron Hill Delaware


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