Plan for old jail moves ahead as new proposal saves 1870’s structure

Elkton Town Hall, Nov. 14, 2012 – Home Partnership, Inc., was back before the commissioners to submit a new concept plan for a 50-unit elderly housing project on the old jail property on North Street.  The revised proposal addresses feedback that was given to the developer by the town’s historic architectural review committee.

In a split decision, the board responsible for protecting historic resources rejected a plan last July that called for demolishing most of the old jail while saving the front facade.  “We’ve actually preserved the entire jail facility, which addresses one of the major concerns the committee had,” Mr. Hodges, the company representative remarked.

“This is an important project because of how it will impact the town’s revitalization plans,” the developer noted as he asked for a resolution of support from the commissioners for the affordable housing nonprofit.  The town administrator was instructed to draft the documents for consideration at an upcoming board meeting.

Commissioner Jablonski also noted the value of the project for downtown.  “I love the project. It’s beautiful. They are keeping the historic jail. It’s going to be great for downtown, especially because there is a waiting list at the senior apartments we have now of about 25 people so it’s needed.  I think it’s a great project.”


3 responses to “Plan for old jail moves ahead as new proposal saves 1870’s structure

  1. I really think they should leave the old jail the way it is. There is so much histoty within this county and once again for money, they want to change a very important part of its history. The storys from that old jail, the history of it and the many people such as myself who worked in it. I met my wife of 34 years in it when she worked there for Jack. I feel that if he where alive, this wouldn’t happen. I think it is very sad and the people should be up in arms over this…vote them all out.

  2. Charlie, the developer was at the town meeting the other evening lining up spport. I had a chance to look at the preliminary concept plan and at least he’s saving the old building. I’ll have more details on it soon.Thanks for your interest in the preserving the old jail.

    • Thats great Mike, I really hope they save it and keep the structure the way it is and the way it was built. I would like to see the inside again, I know it has changed but the storys will never go away.

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