Elkton Police Oral History Project Gets Underway

Officer Hines checks out a broken window at the Elkton Junior High School in June 1963; Sources; Cecil Democrat

A few weeks ago, with the encouragement of Willis May, we stated working on the Elkton Police Oral History Project with a large group of retired Elkton Police Officers. The purpose is to carefully document the story of the force in the 1960s and 1970s.

As the preliminaries move along, we have spent a little time digging through aging old newspapers, in order to acquire supporting documentary data. That will help supplement the interviews as we get into gear to work on the recordings. Over time we will create a body of documented material around the time Chief Thomas N. McIntire, Jr. provided leadership to modernize the department, easing it out of the World War II era of policing.

Once we complete the oral history interviews and accumulate the material, we will make those resources available to the public for research and will hold a public reception to open this new resource to interested parties. That will provide a great chance to again get as many of the officers back together as possible and invite the public to a forum where everyone can mingle, talk about those days, and socialize.

Meanwhile, we will periodically share progress reports and some of the photos we cone across. Her are a few from today.

Chief Thomas N. McIntire, Jr., in 1964


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