Society’s Annual Meeting to Honor Archaeologist George Reynolds and Hear Talk About Baseball.

George was always on the frontline with projects, out digging in the soil. This past summer he helped with searching for the secrets of the soil at Elk Landing.

Join the Historical Society of Cecil County for the annual meeting at its headquarters, 135 E. Main Street, Elkton on Saturday, Nov. 10th at 3 p.m.   While mingling with history-minded friends during a free wine and cheese reception, you will hear about the busy year for the keepers of Cecil’s heritage and listen to a talk by Bruce Leith.  Leith was instrumental in establishing a group that reenacts 19th century baseball.

George Reynolds, a local historian and archaeologist, will be presented with the Ernest A. Howard Award.  This prestigious recognition honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to the preservation of historic resources, while facing huge challenges protecting the built environment, saving scarce relics, or recording folkways.

Reynolds set out to document the rich and unstudied archaeological resources in Cecil in the 1950s and provided leadership in the formation of the Archaeological Society of Maryland.  Prior to construction of I-95 he led a dig documenting pre-historic artifacts in that corridor before all traces of early culture were obliterated.

His interest in archaeology and local history never diminished.  Over the decades he has been involved in all of the major digs in the county, including the one at the Detention Center site, which unearthed a Native-American burial site.  He helped reveal much of what had been lost to centuries of time by being an advocate for archaeology and history.

The award is named after Ernest A. Howard a man who was especially instrumental in helping build the strong Society that serves as the county’s heritage-keeper. Born in 1885, this benefactor was deeply involved in the successful revival of the nonprofit in the 1950s.  While working tirelessly to preserve local heritage, he was active in the restoration of historic structures.  Howard was also a central figure in the establishment of a modern headquarters for the Cecil County library in 1955, and he donated a wing to the library in part to provide a home for the Historical Society. He passed away in 1973.

Reynolds becomes the fourth recipient to receive this selective honor, which is only given to someone who has overcome significant obstacles to preserve Cecil’s past.  Other honorees are Earl Simmers for his heroic work in preserving the Gilpin Falls Covered Bridge, Ed Belote, the publisher of Cecil Soil, and Dr. Davy McCall, who donated a major collection of Civil War & 19th century era manuscripts.

Please join us for this special afternoon at the Historical Society headquarters.


6 responses to “Society’s Annual Meeting to Honor Archaeologist George Reynolds and Hear Talk About Baseball.

  1. Congratulations Mr. Reynolds! He not only helped preserve the county’s historical relics, he continues to encourage young people to do the same by inviting them to digging outings in their own backyard.

    • Maria, we agr4ee. George has always been generous, sharing his depth of knowledge. Hopefully you can make the meeting as we honor George for his generations of work.

  2. that george he is mr History. I did some digging with long time back My hats off to you george. When you was on the job you taught me a lot bout history. that hollingsworth one was the best. you done good work. My hats off to you George. thank you.

    • Digger, George sure is Mr. History around Cecil County. He is our go to person when we need to know something. We’ll pass your comments along to George and hopefully we can make the meeting as we honor George next week.

  3. I go to try to make it if i do not tell george know old digger says hi. george will remember me

    • Digger, I’ll definitely pass your comments on to George Reynolds. Try to make the reception honoring George. I”m sure he will be pleased to see you and talk with you about some.

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