As Dark Clouds From Hurricane Sandy Slowly Clear Out, Old Fixtures in Elkton’s Skyline Stand Tall After Storm

A fixutre in the western Elkton skyline, the old water tower stands out as Hurricane Sandy’s remaining dark clouds clear out of the area.

The day after we escaped most of the destructive fury of Sandy, the massive Hurricane some called the Frankenstorm, thick, grey clouds from the back side of the storm continue to blanket Cecil.  But signs of clearing showed up this Wednesday afternoon as a few rays of sun peeked through the lighter formations.  That provided a backdrop for grabbing a few shots of Elkton’s generally inconspicuous water towers.  The tower on West High Street reminds us of town’s industrial past, an era when the county seat hummed with manufacturing operations.   The Plasticoid property was the site of the first fireworks production facility in Elkton, a company having established operations here soon after World War I.

The Platicoid tower rises above turn of the 20th century homes on W. High Street.

The municipal water tower nearby welcomes people to Elkton. The town escaped most of the destructive damage that had been in the forecast as the Hurricane took a direct swipe at Cecil County.


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