Photos from Archeaological Society 2012 Fieldschool at Elk Landing

This past June the Archaeological Society of Maryland and the Archaeological Society of the Northern Chesapeake spent a week investigating the matter of where Fort Hollingsworth was situated in the forks of the Elk creeks.  It was one of series of hastily arranged defense put up in the spring of 1813 to protect the upper reach of the Elk River.  Archival research and a few early digs yielded some preliminary data, but this was the most comprehensive study done thus far at Elk Landing, one that concentrated on the question of the precise placement of the redoubt.

Dr. Jim Gibb, the lead investigator, will present the results of the field-school in a presentation at the Historical Society, 135 E. Main Street, Elkton, on Oct. 10th 2012.  While we await the presentation, we’ll share some of the photos from the summer dig.  Thank you Archaeological Society of Maryland, the Maryland Historical Trust, and the Archaeological Society of the Northern Chesapeake for helping unearth Cecil’s past.

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