Sold Out Tour Strolls Through War of 1812 History

Mr. Hollingsworth of Elkton prepares to share his story about the defense of Elkton. Photo Courtesy of Dave Scarbrough

Charlestown, August 12, 2012  — On a beautiful August evening on the Chesapeake Bay a walking tour, stepped off from the Wellwood Club to stroll through the past.  For over an hour the crowd that exceeded 100-people roamed old colonial streets, listening to characters from the War of 1812 dramatically share thrilling tales about when the enemy was on our shores.

Those strong voices from long ago, echoing through the growing 21st century twilight on the Northeast River, had tales about attackers forcefully occupying places in Cecil and Harford counties.  Here and there, the crowd paused to meet these time travelers who eagerly shared the accounts of fright, intrigue, and brave defense against overwhelming odds.  Muskets blasted out, cannons roared, flames erupted and women and children fled to safety in the first-hand accounts of these old timers.  Escorting the group from spot-to-spot in the attractive historic district, Historian Mike Dixon, delved into the stories a little deeper, from a modern perspective.

It was a fascinating and fun way to learn the history of this era, while roaming around a quaint community.  As patrons headed back into the Wellwood Cub to relax for a while, people from all over came up to the performers to let them know how much they’d enjoyed the unique evening.  Some added that this was the first time they’d been to Charlestown.  It also brought officials connected with the War of 1812 Bicentennnial, at the state and national level, to Cecil County.

Several partners produced the event.  Those were the Historical Society, Colonial Charlestown, the Heritage Troupe, Cecil County Tourism, the Town of Charlestown, and the Wellwood Club.  Money raised by this program supports two nonprofits, the Historical Society and Colonial Charlestown.

As the popular event sold out, look for more of these opportunities as Cecil County begins to celebrate the 200th anniversary of this conflict.

The crowd that grew to over one hundred people stops to look out over the Northeast River on a fine August evening.  Photo Credit:  Dave Scarbrough

A performer waits for the large crowd to line up before sharing her tale. Photo Credit:  Dave Scarbrough

In this theatrical interpretation father is preparing to go off to war. Photo Courtesy of Dave Scarbrough


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