Walking Tour Shares Cecil County’s War of 1812 History

Photo Credit: Teach History; http://www.teachhistory.com

As the region gears up to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the British attack on the Upper Chesapeake some old-timers that have been around Cecil since the early 1800s are going to be roaming around Charlestown on August 12.  Meandering streets and gathering in small clusters in the beautiful river town, these centuries’ old residents, played by performers from the Heritage Troupe, will share thrilling stories about what it was like to face the threat of pillaging, burning and looting by English invaders.

Dusk will be descending on the charming community nestled on the shore of the Northeast River as the visitors head back to the starting point at the Wellwood Club so lanterns will help chase away the lengthening shadows.

This program, “Footsteps from the Past: Cecil County during the War of 1812” is brought to the community by several volunteer heritage groups and supporting partners.  The Historical Society of Cecil County, Colonial Charlestown, and the Heritage Troupe, along with Cecil County Tourism, the Town of Charlestown, and the Wellwood Club are collaborating to produce the evening walking tour.  Space is limited so visit the Wellwood soon to purchase your advance tickets or call 410-287-6666

WHERE:  Starts & ends at the Wellwood Club, 523 Water Street, Charlestown

WHEN:     August 12, 2012 at 7 p.m. (storm date:  August 19)

TICKETS:   $8 in advance; $10 at the door


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