Man Marries at Site of Pan American Plane Crash in Elkton

By Ryan Marshall

During a dark, stormy night in December 1963, a plane crashed in Elkton, changing the history of the town forever.  The plane was circling the area because of a storm in Philadelphia when it was struck by lightning, said Mike Dixon, of the Historical Society of Cecil County.

Now, 49 years later, Arnold Scolnik, the brother of one of the crash’s victims, has finally received a little closure, he said.  Scolnik, 76, and his fiancée, Allah, 47, married at the monument in Elkton that marks where the plane crashed. They wedded on June 7, his brother’s birthday. Elkton Mayor Joseph Fisona preformed the ceremony.  “The only way I could put him into my memory was to get married on his birthday,” Scolnik, of Wallingford, Pa., said.

Pan American Flight 214 exploded in the air over Elkton because of a lightning strike that combined with air and fuel, according to the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) report. It came to rest in a field off of East Pulaski Highway near current-day Delancy Road.

article continues on the Cecil Whig


7 responses to “Man Marries at Site of Pan American Plane Crash in Elkton

  1. arnold scolnik

    If there is anyone out there who might have or know of photos from the wedding of Sue and Irv Scolnik, it would be greatly appreciated if you would be in contact with me, the brother of Irv.
    Thanks, and be well.

    • We don’t have anything. But I’d suggest you contact Mayor Fisona from the Town of Elkton. I think he helped with the arrangements so he might have something. HIs phone number is 410-398-0970.

      • Arnold Scolnik

        Hi Mike,
        I am Arnold Scolnik and I was in the article with my wife. We married at the memorial of the crash site by Joe Fisona personally.
        What I was looking for was photos from my brothers (Irv and Sue) wedding.
        They were the Honeymoon couple killed in that crash.
        I thank you for the time posting for me, and also the help Joe Fisona has already given to me.

      • Arnold, we don’t have any photos, but I wonder if Mayor Fisona wouldn’t have some. Perhaps the town administrator took some pictures as he often does that for events involving the mayor. HIs office phone number is 410.398.1790.

      • arnold scolnik

        Hi again Mike,
        I wasn’t referring to the crash photos, but the wedding itself. I have no photos from that event, and the Mayor wouldn’t either. He has already provided me with the photos he has, and the reports he was privvy to.
        Thanks again.

      • Arnold, we don’t have any of the wedding. Did you try the Cecil Whig, the local newspaper? 410-398-3311. I think they covered it too.

      • arnold scolnik

        Mike, the Whig wouldn’t have any records of the wedding, as it was done in Philadelphia, Pa….but I even checked the local papers here, and ‘nothing’ 😦
        Thanks again for your interests and time.

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