Archaeologist Bring New Life to Elk Landing

From the Cecil Whig

A team of archaeologists and university students has brought new life to Elk Landing over the past week as they have been excavating the property in the 41st annual field session.

Jim Gibb, head investigator of the war of 1812 project, Robert Wall, a professor of archaeology and physical anthropology and Dan Coates, president of Archeological Society of the Northern Chesapeake chapter have worked with the Historic Elk Landing Foundation President Josh Brown to excavate the Elk Landing Peninsula.

“This was very exciting to me,” Brown said Wednesday. “They wanted to do this big dig, they were opening it up to the public, for the students to come, it’s a learning program… they don’t do it every year, they probably won’t be here for another four decades.”

The peninsula, where the Little and Big Elk creeks merge, was home to the site of Fort Hollingsworth, a 300-foot long semi-circular breastwork fort with a large ditch and parapet, said Gibb. It created a surface to place cannons and men to ward off attacks. The fort no longer stands, because the farmers plowed it down after the war, Gibb said.

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3 responses to “Archaeologist Bring New Life to Elk Landing

  1. Robert Henshaw

    George Reynolds:
    I suspect you are a key descendent of original Nottingham Lotts resident, Henry Reynolds. I seek as much information as I can find. My son and I are tracing our earliest American ancestor, Nicholas Henshaw, whom we believe may have been purchased by your ancestor.

    I would very much like to correspond with you about this, and/or learn the best sources of information that permitted Nicholas to become a taxpayer in four years, and a purchaser of one or two of the Lotts by 1735.

    I visited the area over the past weekend. I would like to do my due diligence before my son and I return in October.

    Bob Henshaw

  2. george reynolds

    bob i cannot answer your questrionabout henery reynolds.i have not been too active in genology of the reynolds side of the family. aI am very active in research of local history and the local american Indian . have done much excavation in the field and collected many artifacts. I do plan to write and publish my 60 years of research …. george reynolds

  3. George, we’re all looking forward to your book, sharing the research you’ve done for over a half-century.

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