Revisiting a Historic Moment As Colonial Spirit Hit Elkton for 200th Anniversary

The Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton practically turned back the clock during Elkton History Month in May 1987, an occassion for celebrating the 200th anniversary of the town’s incorporation.  Now, as the municipality prepares to mark its 225th birthday, we’ll post some of those twenty-five year old photos from days that were full of lectures, slide shows, walking tours, museum exhibits, theatrical performances, proclamations, speeches, and reenactments focused on the community’s colonial and early federal past.

Mayor James Crouse appointed a citizen committee of volunteers to oversee the schedule, which was packed full of heritage and popular entertainment events.  In this series of photos, the Mayor and Ed McKeown, the chairman of the Head of Elk Bicentennnial Committee, cut a ribbon opening the headquarters for the celebration in the old Boulden Ford Building.  In another one, members of the council are preparing to reenact the original town meeting, where the charter was signed.

We have some aging video that we’ll digitize and share over the next couple of week as the current celebration gets underway.


2 responses to “Revisiting a Historic Moment As Colonial Spirit Hit Elkton for 200th Anniversary

  1. Where did you dig these relics up Mike. I am talking about the photo of course.

  2. Ah Bill you know we keep files on everyone. You never know what you’re going to find when you go digging through them to look things up.

    We’ve been fortunate in Cecil to have some great photojournalist out there covering the Cecil County beat, such as you, documenting day-to-day happenings so we can dig them up. Great work. Always enjoy finding your coverage of Cecil County events in those old files and newspapers.

    We’d sure be pleased to put that Bill Hughes collection right alongside the Cheeseman collection. Thanks Bill. Keep up the good work.

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