An Aged Citizen From Centuries Ago Still Promoting Cecil County Tourism & Heritage

Charlestown, March 29, 2012 — At the Cecil County Tourism Partners Breakfast at the Wellwood Club, I was pleased to run into my old friend Zebulon Hollingsworth, Jr.  (aka Gordy Johnson).  Now Zeb is what you might call a real old-timer as he’s been around Cecil County for centuries.  Born in the 1730s, the gentleman passed away in 1812, just before the British invaded the Upper Chesapeake Bay.  But Gordy, an exceptional performer, brings him back to us for occasional visits as an actor with the Heritage Troupe.

When we started Elk Landing in 1998, taking on the enormous challenge to raise funds for the nonprofit, Gordy eagerly took on the role of the owner of the Landing, making visits to the historic spots lots of fun for visitors.  I immediately noticed Gordy’s special talent for engaging an audience in an entertaining, humorous way, while making history fun.  It was a valuable asset for the start-up organization.

We have plenty of serious lecturers and you can bet they’re able to belt out the facts.  But having Gordy and all the members of the heritage troupe support us as we got started was so valuable.  It was good to run into Gordy again and get updated.  It was also good to be reminded that nonprofits in the county have the support of the Troupe, a valuable Cecil County Tourism asset.

The Heritage Troupe, a volunteer group sponsored by county tourism, formed in the late 1990s to entertain and inform audiences in a different way by taking them back in time to centuries old happenings right here in northeastern Maryland.  During lively skits, they tell the county’s story theatrically through pieces about the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and much more as engaging scenes unfold for attentive audiences.  The Troupe does an excellent job and has great performers, taking visitors on fun filled and enjoyable trips to the past.


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