Rachel Parker Kidnapping Case to be Examined in Chester County Parks Program

We recently received a press release from Chester County Parks & Recreation  advising that the organization is sponsoring a lecture on the 1851 kidnapping of Rachel Parker, an African-American. A slave catcher from Elkton, Thomas McCreary, was involved in the abduction, which alarmed Pennsylvania and galvanized popular opinion against the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. 


In December 1851, Rachel and Elizabeth Parker were kidnapped from Nottingham. The two free, young, black women were accused of being slaves and taken to Baltimore where they were imprisoned. The local community sprang to their defense and rescued them. Hear the incredible story, then walk at Nottingham County Park to see the mining site that gave rise to the intentional false accusation. Part of the Town Tours Walks & Talks. See page 6 for more information.

Date: Saturday, May 19

Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM

Talk Location: Union United Methodist Church

Walk Location: Nottingham County Park

Fee: $4 per person; under 12 free

To Register: Please call 610-344-6923

Click here for a related post on the dedication of a Chester County Historical Marker


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