Smithsonian’s Journey Stories Brought to Cecil County by Arts Council, Library and Historical Society

The cooling water of the Chesapeake Bay made Cecil's resorts very popular in the 1930s

Cecil County is rich in transportation history and full of stories of people who came to this land seeking freedom, fortune, and a place to grow roots and raise families. Years ago, slaves traveled the Underground Railroad to the Susquehanna River, only to find the crossing a major obstacle in their effort to seek freedom. Ukrainian immigrants found success working to expand the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal and thriving in their adopted home near Chesapeake City. During World War II, thousands migrated from the Appalachian Mountains to find work in the munitions factories in Elkton. Thousands of sailors and personnel were stationed to train at Bainbridge, a large naval base on the Susquehanna River.

The Cecil County Arts Council, the Cecil County Historical Society, and the Cecil County Public Library are collaborating to present exhibits which celebrate American mobility, transportation, and immigration and provide programming and events that explores those residents who found their hopes and dreams in Cecil County.

For up-to-date events listings, visit the MHC Events Calendar.

 Some include:

  • The Opening Gala, “Melting Pot,” showcasing local restaurants and a sampling the different foods of Cecil county’s diverse heritage.
  • An artist showcase of local work featuring personal journey stories.
  • Workshops for visitors to learn how to trace their ancestry.
  • “Dream Big: Untold Journey Stories of Cecil County,” a panel of inspirational immigrant success stories
  • “The Musical Journey of Ola Belle Reed,” the journey story about the famous Appalachian folksinger and songwriter who migrated to Cecil County, as told by her son.
  • Hands on exploration of an immigrant’s trunk.

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