Historical Society Fills Vital Role as County Archives

With national archives month drawing to a close, we thought
we’d remind those interested in researching Cecil’s history, that the Society
is the county archives.  The County Commissioners asked us to assume the responsibility of becoming the caretakers for centuries old local records years ago.  Those visionary local government leaders wanted these materials for researching the past to reside in a repository where the focus was on protecting the manuscripts while also making sure they were available to those looking into earlier times.  After we entered into the agreement, the county scoured out of the way places, finding valuable records dumped on the floor of old sub-basements, in fallout shelters, and other uncared for spots.  Today researchers are able to use protected and organized records from the almshouse, the insane asylum, road department, and more.

Having official repositories where someone focused on caring for historical records is important, if sources for studying local history are going to survive.  That’s what archives do preserve governmental or corporate records, manuscripts, photographs and other valuable materials.  Unlike a
regular library where most information comes from books and periodicals,
researchers go to these places to gather firsthand facts, data, and evidence
from original sources.  The study of the past, whether it is for a family history project, or some scholarly matter is greatly enhanced when we have strong repositories to protect, organize, and provide access to priceless materials.  Locally, our volunteer organization is pleased to fill this role.

As the premier spot for digging into Cecil County ‘s past we can help if you’re searching for relatives from generations ago, clues about an old house, or some other elusive historical facts.  Whether it is in these sources or other records groups, there’s a good chance that our stacks hold some clues for you.


2 responses to “Historical Society Fills Vital Role as County Archives

  1. My familys house is under the conawingo dam. Family name is Mcvey. My grandma was Nancy Mcvey I saw a photo once do you have any?

  2. Thanks Gerladine. Stop by the Historical Society someday. There are a number of photos of old Conowingo there? Probalby a couple of dozen.

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