Archeological Society of Northern Chesapeake to Hear about Findings From Archeological Investigations at Elk Landing

Cecil County Map from the 1790s shows Elk Landing & county courthouse

Date: Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Time: 6:30 pm for refreshments and business, speaker program at 7:15

Location: Perryville Library

Program: Dr. Jim Gibb: “Elk Landing: Results of Remote Sensing, Summer of 2011.”

Prevew: During the past summer, Dr. Gibb, his field assistant and ASNC members, Dan Coates, Jack Davis, Ann Persson and Dave Davis conducted magnetometer tests at the Elk Landing site. Dr. Gibb has conducted archeological investigations of the site previously with ASNC member Annetta Schott assisting as a field technician. This presentation will include the results of the various archeological investigations at this site, and some discussion regarding its potential for future investigations and possible site nomination for an Annual ASM Field Session.


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