Stories of Dramatic Times In Cecil During Revolution & War of 1812 Were Told in Downtown Elkton by Interesting People From Our Past

Early this morning in downtown Elkton, a bunch of characters  were hanging out in the vicinity of the Historical Society.  The buzz around the Main Street crowd was unusual for a Saturday, and when passersby took a closer look at this gaggle curiosity was peaked even more.
The eccentrics were dressed as if they stepped out of another  era.   Some men in tricorn hats were styled just right for the 18th century.  A finely and properly dressed lady and gentleman were out of the 2nd-half of the 19th century and children were scampering around in colonial garb.
This early morning crowd was actually the Cecil County Heritage Troupe, a volunteer group sponsored by county tourism, closer investigation revealed.  The company formed in the 1990s to entertain and inform audiences in a different way by taking them back in time to centuries old happenings right here in northeastern Maryland.  During lively skits, they tell the county’s story theatrically as skits about the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812 and much more unfold for attentive audiences.

They were at the Historical Society to welcome about 50 visitors to the county, the Teague family History Group.   The Teague association traveled from around the country to visit here as part of an annual family get together.  And they were in for a treat as they chatted with Zebulon Hollingsworth, Judge Sample, Kitty Knight, other important people, and children who lived through these troubling times.

Soon after being welcomed to the Society by librarian Carol Donache
the visitors to our historic region were treated to an excellent stage show about
the history of the county by these fine performers.  It was great to see Zebulon Hollingsworth return to the stage for he keeps things rolling along with some history, plenty of humor, and the best interplay with an audience you’re ever going to see.  But there was Judge Sample, too.  The old man, present when the enemy attacked Cecil County, recalled those troubling days when the cry the British are coming, the British are coming frightened citizens.  Kitty Knight told her story about confronting the British, and there was a dramatic skit as local citizens and children worried and argued about the upcoming Revolution War.

For an hour or so this morning some of the most interesting people from our past, individuals with stories of dramatic times were hanging around downtown welcoming visitors to this place with so many historical connections.  The Troupe does an excellent job and has great performers, taking our visitors on a fun filled and enjoyable trip to the past.

A week earlier another Descendants of Valentine Hollingsworth were at the Society for their annual reunion, so it’s been a busy time in Elkton for visitors making our county a destination because of our past and the institutions that are working as our heritagekeepers.

Mike Collins and Mary Biron

Vaughn Ellerton delivers his lines. Photos courtesy of the Heritage Troupe


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