Old One-Room Schoolhouses Disappearing Fast

While Cecil County once had dozens of one-room school houses to serve rural areas and small villages, these institutions started disappearing in the 20th-century as the county modernized its educational system.  Pleasant Hill, Liberty Grove, New Valley and Pilot were the only remaining one-teacher buildings by 1947.

Today it’s fascinating to drive country roads looking around for these places.  Many are dilapidated.  Others have been luckier for owners have remodeled them, putting the structure to other uses. 

These days the remaining buildings are disappearing fast.  This one, the old Cherry Grove School near Sylmar, is going to be demolished shortly.  Built about 1881 for $680, it closed on October 24, 1931 when the pupils were transferred to Calvert.  For years it served as a private dwelling.  


3 responses to “Old One-Room Schoolhouses Disappearing Fast

  1. We have spent the last two years traveling the Upper Midwest shooting a historical documentary film about one-room schools and the teachers and students who occupied them. We will also be telling the story of the people who have made a commitment to preserve these icons of early American education. “Country School: One Room – One Nation” will be released later this year. Join us on Facebook or visit our website at: CountrySchoolMovie dot com.

  2. Kelly: Thanks for letting me know about your project. Just checked out your website. Great photos and info there. Look forward to hearing about the final production of the documentary.

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