Old Bohemia House, Historic Cecil Co. Property, Available Through MD Resident Curatorship Program

Maryland maintains a unique initiative called the resident curatorship, which makes historic properties available for lifetime leases.  In exchange for an annual payment of $1, the curator agrees to restore and maintain the house and grounds at no cost to the state, in accordance with historic preservation standards.   After the restoration, curators are able to reside in a historic house for their lifetimes.  These homes are located on state parkland or natural resources areas and are protected from future development.  The program requires the resident curator to submit a proposal to represent about $200,000 worth of improvements to the property, which must be completed within five to seven years.  This partnering between the public and private sectors provide a method the Maryland uses to ensure long-term preservation of historic properties at no cost to the state. 

The Old Bohemia house, which dates from about 1840, is now available.   The property is located on the grounds of the Old Bohemia Wildlife Management Area in Warwick.  In 2009, the Old Bohemia property was purchased from the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) who owned the property since the 18th century.  It was built to house tenant farmers who worked the adjacent farmland.  Just north of the house stands the National Register listed St. Francis Xavier Church and Rectory, constructed around 1792.  The Old Bohemia House and the church and rectory were part of the much larger Old Bohemia plantation (established around 1704) that eventually consisted of a saw mill, wharf, blacksmith shop and brick kiln, among other buildings and points of interest.  The house is surrounded by agricultural fields.

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2 responses to “Old Bohemia House, Historic Cecil Co. Property, Available Through MD Resident Curatorship Program

  1. I am very interested, we enjoy restoring properties.


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