Laidback Leisure, and Learning at Elk Landing in 2010!

The Historic Elk Landing Foundation will throw open the gates and unlock the doors to Historic Elk Landing for a summer season of leisure and learning at the ancient site. 

Beginning on Saturday, May 1st and continuing every first Saturday of the month through September 4th, Historic Elk Landing will be open from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. for strolling the 44 acres, picnicking on one of the foundation’s picnic tables or your own blanket, examining the plants and wildlife, throwing a ball or Frisbee around our acres of open fields, or doing a whole lot of nothin’, just taking in the sites and sounds of a Cecil County summer season down by Little Elk Creek. 

In addition, the foundation will offer some learning experiences for young and old alike.  Some of the first Saturdays will feature War of 1812 Cecil Militia encampments, archeological explorations, tours of the Hollingsworth House, the newly stabilized Stone House, plus the grounds around them that have seen three invasions by the British, one tour by Captain John Smith of Jamestown fame, and a shipping business, sometimes referred to as the “UPS” of colonial America!  

The Foundation is also looking beyond the summer and into the fall with a search for real ghosts in October, and in December, a celebration of the Christmas season with live music, seasonal refreshments, and more. 

It will be a busy summer at Elk Landing, but a relaxing one too.  Check us out!!  See the web site at for more information.


4 responses to “Laidback Leisure, and Learning at Elk Landing in 2010!

  1. I am interested in volunteering per the article dated July 15,2010. I have been unable to contact anyone. Please contact me. Thank you.

  2. Rose: I’ve let the Elk Landing officials know and they advise that they’ll get in touch with you. Thanks for your interest in helping to preserve Cecil Co. history.

  3. I also am interested in volunteering. Could you put me in touch with the Elk Landing folks, too?

    Also, I tried going to the site and can’t get there. Is it down permanently?

  4. Beth: They trying to get their web site fixed. They’ve had trouble with that. Also I know they’re trying to increase their volunteer base. I’ve asked the volunteer coordinator from Elk Landing to contact you so you should be hearing from them shortly.

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