Cecil County’s Bridges to the Past, Our Covered Bridges

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As a result of the restoration work on the Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge,  some interesting tweets and posts from master craftsmen doing the work, and research done by the Maryland Covered Bridges website, we’ve been working with the materials related to our bridges to the past, those old covered spans.  Fortunately, through the perserverance of one citizen, Earl Simmers, that old bridge to the past on Route 272 was saved for at times it appeared to be doomed.  Whatever the case, it’s now restored so we’ve put together a little slide show containing some of the photos of these structures, most of which have long vanished.

Note Scroll Through the Recent Posts to see some more items on the History of Gilpin’s Falls Covered Bridge.


2 responses to “Cecil County’s Bridges to the Past, Our Covered Bridges

  1. Great slide show, Mike. The more we learn about these wonderful structures of our past, the more likely efforts will be made to preserve the remaining covered bridges in our state and country.

  2. Thanks Jim and thanks for your interesting in researching these old spans.

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