Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. at Wrights AME Church With Rev. Brian Thomas

Here’s an Animoto Slide Show containing some photos from the fine program of remembrance and an article below the show describes the service.

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Wright’s AME Church, Elkton – Jan 18, 2010 – This morning Wright’s African Methodist Episcopal Church held its 20th annual prayer service celebrating the work of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.  The sanctuary of the historic Elkton church filled to capacity before the praying, preaching and singing started.

Right on time, Elkton Commissioner Charles Givens called the assembly to order as the choir remembered the civil rights leader with inspiring songs.  Once the first round of music faded inside the house of worship, the Rev. Brian Thomas stepped forward on the pulpit to deliver some stirring preaching that reflected on Dr. King’s work and the challenges ahead.

The powerful sermon, one we’ll long remember, drew on Marvin Gaye’s song “What’s Going on” to present a relevant message of equality, justice, and nonviolence for our time.  Peppered with frequent references to current social issues, the lively oration engaged the audience, filling the old place of worship with energy.

The historical words of the Rev. Thomas and how they connected with the popular piece from 1971 to present a message for today was on our mind throughout the day.  In conversations around the county, we often chatted with people about the Reverend’s moving words on this special day of remembrance.


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