Bringing the Train on Down the Line in Western Cecil


Eight train a day stopped at the tiny Liberty Grove Station in 1918

The Oxford Area Transit Service, a nonprofit group, is working to restore rail service between Philadelphia and Perryville on the old Philadelphia and Baltimore Central Railroad, which once served towns and villages in northwestern Cecil County. The public transportation advocates say that “with the influx of people connected to BRAC” this move would provide a much needed transportation enhancement, the Cecil Whig reported in a story earlier this week. If the service was restored the thousands of new resident expected to arrive in the area as part of the base realignment could use this corridor to ease the traffic burdens that some forecast will occur in the area.

Members of the nonprofit are planning to present their proposal to the Colora Civic Association, which is meeting Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. the Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church. This line, which runs through some of the most scenic landscape in the county, has a fascinating history. Several public transportation advocates, including Elkton  Mayor Joseph Fisona, are working to restore mass transit to various stations in the county.


The Octoraro Station


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