“Mt. Zoar Colored School” Conowingo


The “Mt. Zoar Colored School,” near Conowingo, opened about 1875 according to the Maryland Historical Trust. The Cecil County School Board Records provide a partial listing of some of the teachers assigned to the school: 1918-Miss Lucy D. Jackson, Conowingo; 1921 – Miss Katharine Whiteside, Conowingo; 1931 – Bessie C. Harris, Conowingo & Albert B. Wilson, Conowingo; 1932 – Bessie C. Harris & Mrs. Ada J. Berry; 1934 – Bessie C. Harris, Rowlandsville & Mrs. Ada J. Berry, Rowlandsville, 1935-36 – Mrs. Bessie C. Harris, Goldsboro, and Mrs. Ada J. Berry, Conowingo; 1939 – Mrs. Ada J. Berry, Conowingo.

It closed for the 1941-42 school year, according to the minutes of the Board of Education (5/13/1941).  After that the children from this school were transported to the new school in Port Deposit.


3 responses to ““Mt. Zoar Colored School” Conowingo

  1. I love that building.

  2. Falmanac:

    Isn’t that an interesting old building. I don’t have much information on it though. Do you have any more data? It’s worthy of a search through the Board of Ed records someday, if not. I’ll pass on whatever I come up with to you.

  3. A fellow named Ellwood Griest wrote a novel about that area, the Northwest Barrens, in 1873. I haven’t read it yet. The nearby church and graveyard are also interesting. We have several entries on the subject over at Falmanac. Just search on the blog with the keyword “Zoar.”

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