Inaugural Train to Pass Through Cecil

Barack Obama and Joseph Biden will travel to the inauguration by train on Saturday, January 17, the Baltimore Sun and News Journal reported this afternoon. After stopping for a celebration in Wilmington, the president and vice-president will step aboard the inaugural train for the trip to Washington. This is particularly exciting news for this memorable run will bring them through Cecil County. Naturally, this isn’t the first time a president passed through here on the railroad. There were many, including presidents Lincoln, Grant, Taft, Wilson, Hoover, Roosevelt and others. A Window on Cecil County’s Pastwill post a piece about presidents riding the rails in Cecil over the next few days and we’ll plan to do a slide show on Saturday, Jan 17 as Cecil County turns out to wish the new team well.


4 responses to “Inaugural Train to Pass Through Cecil

  1. Mike, Will you let us know a specific time when the train will roll through Elkton?

  2. Sure will Beth. I think we’ll try to capture the day in images and sounds for a slide show on the historic day and then we can put it up on the web.

    thanks for posting.


  3. Mike:

    I want my kids to see the train pass. I assume you will cover the day and all, but will you find out what time the train will be actually passing in time to let us know? And will security let us get close enough to make it worth walking down to the tracks?

  4. Rich: That’ll be geat for your kids to see this historic day. We hope to get lots of photos for the Historical Society archives to document the day too since it’s something people will remember for decades to come. I’m monitoring the newspapers to see what they announce about times and will post the info as soon as I see something. Perryville, since its such an attractive and convenient location, would seem to be a good accessible spot for to view the train.

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