Recalling Holloway Beach, Charlestown, in the 1930s

The cooling water of the Chesapeake Bay made Cecil's resorts very popular in the 1930s

The cooling water of the Chesapeake Bay made Cecil County, located at the very top of the Chesapeake Bay, a favorite spot.


      Another summer is quickly slipping away as students get ready to return to school Monday and we prepare to mark the unofficial end of summer with Labor Day.   Still for August, a period that is better known for the dog days of Summer, we’ve experienced some of the most beautiful weather and the forecast looks great for the upcoming week.  Right now as I blog this piece, the temperature is in the high 70s and a beautiful partly cloudy sky comfortably warms the late August Saturday in Cecil County.  Well as the unofficial end of summer nears, let’s give the season a send off by reminiscing a little with some old photos of Holloway Beach in Charlestown.


This image is from a postcard mailed to Mr. & Mrs. R. M. Elrick of Jeannette, PA in 1939.Though the water was the draw, it was our nearby proximity to nearby cities that caused our beaches resorts to grow.

We’ll post a few more photos as we wind our way to Labor Day.

13 responses to “Recalling Holloway Beach, Charlestown, in the 1930s

  1. Nice page on Holloway Beach. It’s been very hard to find info on Holloway. My family and I have one of the last true orginal summer cottage’s there. It has been in our family since the late ’30’s. My dad’s uncle was offered to buy Holloway Beach back in the 40’s (I believe it was), his comment “what would I do with a beach” I have several pics and postcards and history (most handed down thru word of mouth). I am working on putting all my things on Holloway Beach together in one place. It would be nice to post them somewhere for all to read and see. Holloway Beach has really changed over the years but, it has never died. Just ask some of the folks that still vacation and live there.

    • John:

      Thanks so much for sharing your story about Holloway Beach. It would be nice to see your photos posted online. Hopefully you do that someday. thanks

  2. thankyou, it brings back my past i lived next to the beach what used to be murphys beach it belonged to my grandfather

  3. Would love to see more pictures if you have any from the 50’s and 60’s, when the boardwalk was there. Went for a trip down menory lane the other day and it sure looks different. Our family had alot fo good times there when we where little kids,

  4. Pam, I’ll see if I can get some more of these photos up.

  5. we went there alot our whole family spent nearly every summer there in the fifties and sixies I love seeing these old pictures would love to see more

  6. Joyce thanks for sharing your recollections. Glad you enjoy the photos.

  7. Susie Patchell Dean

    Living in Charlestown, my entire childhood, was, I believe one of the greatest experiences one could have. My Grand Mother was Carrie Murphy Patchell, who lived right at Murphy’s Beach, right up the street from Holloway….I can recall many fun times at Holloway before the 70’s. My parents Ross and Gen Patchell spent a lot of fun times there.

  8. I moved to Holloway Beach in 1955/56. Dirt road/Snack Bar/Little Bar/Tricycle/Great Neighbors/Swimming at the Holloway & Murphy’s/Fishing off of the Seawall.

  9. My mom and dad brought us four kids to this spot from Lancaster county just about every summer for many years during the 50s and 60s . There’s many happy memories from the time spent here.Would love to see it again though I know it’s changed drastically.

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